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Greetings From My Swivel Chair

I suppose I should put up some sort of intro for anyone who stumbles across this journal, or for anyone on my f-list who doesn't really know who I am!

Some (un)important facts about me and this journal

  • Ellis isn't my real name, but it's the name I  most often go by even in RL. My real name is just way too common in Ireland- I have two friends with the same name as me!
  • If you friend me I will most likely friend you back, unless your interests include murder and dismemberment or something.
  • I'm currently studying History and Political Science so the general silliness of my journal may occasionally be punctuated by historical facts or discussion of current political events. My politics are rather left of centre so if you're a Thatcherite or a member of the Tea Party movement you might want to shield your eyes.
  • Most posts on this journal are public but any whining, along with any of my fic that I don't like I  will be private
  • I live in Dublin, Ireland. Despite this I do not have red hair, do not greet people with "top 'o the morning to ya" and have never seen a leprechaun.
  • English is my first language but I also speak semi-fluent Irish and broken, gramatically incorrect Spanish. I'd like to be competent in at least 5 languages by the time I hit 30.
  • I have, to date, torn 5 ligaments, been concussed 3 times and broken 7 bones. Despite this appallingly bad luck I intend to go skydiving after my exams next June. I  wonder how that will work out...
  • I squee. A lot. If I see a movie/read a book/read a manga that I like you can expect a post along the lines of EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH. Complicated thinky-thoughts may come later but the squeeing is paramount.
  • I like silly things. A lot. Some of my favourite things are capslock communities, drinking games and gintama, which should give you an  idea of my love of silliness.
Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, but feel free to ask me anything that  pops into your head!
Tomorrow I will endeavour to post a long and insightful post about the season finale of Sherlock.

Today however I will scream incoherently


People who watch Sherlock What did you guys think? Did you like Moriarty? THe last scene? Thoughts please!

People who don't watch Sherlock WHY? Go. Go now. It will blow your mind. It's the best thing I've seen on TV in... ever. It's fabulous, it's wonderful, it's marvellous and many other superlatives that I can't think of right now.

And even if it had been mediocre, it would be worth it for those glorious last few minutes.

Oh frabjous day, calloo callay (she chortled in her joy)

Bleach 414

There will be more coherent thoughts tomorrow but for now can I just say...

Fecking Finally!

It's been about 2 bazillion chapters of nothingness but stuff is finally happening.

Also ILU so very, very much Gin. So very, very much.

In which there is Good News

Victory for Tolerance!

Argentina have just legalised gay marriage

I'm feeling just a little bit prouder of the world we live in :)

Now if only Ireland would do the same...

Also, my notifications don't seem to be working at the moment so if I'm not answering comments it's probably because I don't know they exist...
It should be fixed soon though.
... alternative post title- Ellis has got her internets back \o/

Actually, I got the connection fixed two days ago but I didn't post until now because I spent all my internet time for the last 2 days reading some of the best fanfic I have ever come across. I literally could not stop reading. So for any Hetalia fans out there who are looking for some dark, twisted, wonderfully written stories that will really make you question the world we live in, read the stories at all_he_ever. The basic premise is: England and Japan do not break off their alliance in 1920. England joins the fascists in WWII. America becomes Communist. Democracy is fecked and the world is a scary, scary place. But in a good way. So if that sounds like something you could possibly have the slightest interest in, check it out because I really cannot overstate how good these fics are.

And speaking of reading, being without an internet connection for a couple of weeks meant that I read more books in the last two weeks than I have for... well a long time. So I've decided to keep a list of all the books I read in a month on this journal, as well as a list of books I've bought but have yet to read.

cut for listy lists of literatureCollapse )

And to finish off, a meme-like thing. Since I've been absent from LJ more than I've been present for this last while, I've fallen out of touch with a lot of people on my flist and there's some who I've barely talked to at all! So, in the spirit of reconnection: Ask me something about myself in the comments. It can be anything, from my political views to my taste in movies to what I had for breakfast. Just a question so we can get to know each other better!

Right, I think I've rambled on enough for one day. I must go forth and discover what has happened on the internet in my absence...

A Question of Language...

What's this? A post from Ellis that isn't about Doctor Who for once? This is MADNESS!
A Doctor Who post will be there tomorrow though. Because I currently love it with a great and fiery But anyway for once this isn't a post about fandom. Or a post about my latest mishap in life, or a post about me at all really...

cut for me failing at being briefCollapse )

For those of you who just saw that wall of text and said "AW HELL NO" the tl;dr version is: Is English a bitch of language to learn?
I managed to stretch that question out a lot, didn't I...

Oh and because I seem to be physically unable to make a post completely devoid of fandom... How about that last chapter of FMA? Wasn't it beautiful!

Okay, that's enough ramblings. Ellis out.

Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor

Someday I will starting posting things other than fandom thoughts again.

...but it is not this day.
This day we fight! Hurray for LOTR geekery

So non Doctor-Who fans on the flist, let your eyes skip over this post of rambles for there is little in it to hold your attention.

Sometimes winning is no fun at allCollapse )

Doctor Who- Cold Blood

Sorry to be posting twice but today is a day for squee, apparently.
I can't decide whether I loved or hated this episode of DW yet but one thing is sure- it certainly was shocking! So without further ado my squee and thinky thoughts about this episode:

I knew it would be you. The one with the most to lose, the weakest.Collapse )

Gintama 310!

I'll be putting up a long post about where I've disappeared off to this last while either tonight or tomorrow but for now I really had to squee about the latest chapter of Gintama

cut for spoilers in case people aren't keeping up with the mangaCollapse )

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday to obsessed_love! Sorry I missed the actual day- for the last few weeks I've been a bit all over the place as will be explained in my explanatory post later